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Energy Efficiencyis living smart!  Relatively very few houses are built or comply to current standards and codes & acceptable energy usage.  In fact, about 20-35% of heating and cooling costs in a typical home are lost by air leakage to the outside and attic---I.E: wasted.  This air has to be replaced with more conditioned air, unnecessarily adding to the work load of & energy used by the furnace/AC. This affects utility costs and mechanical wear & tear & longevity. Air Quality & Comfort are both reduced.

   The relatively new science called "BUILDING SCIENCE" factors in the structural systems to work together in a synergistic way to maximize efficiency, comfort, and longevity of the home and it's systems.  It is cheaper, more comfortable, and much healthier environment, and definitely contributes to a "greener" lifestyle and environment.  The "Air Barrier" minimizes air leakage through the structure; the "Thermal Boundry" minimizes heat transfer (loss or gain) through good insulation; a good DuctSeal seal can be complicated, but minimizes pressurized air from escaping out of the ductwork...it keeps air flow where is designed to be and go, not wasted; and the "Vapor Barrier"  helps protect from damaging moisture condensation & mold.  We have expensive and very sophisticated testing equipment to audit the "energy efficiency health," and have training from the two leading building science certification organizations, BPI and HERS.

   Dan has worked with local electric utilities and the gas company for over 4 years on scores of projects, in implementing their energy programs, and can work with customers on securing available programs and rebates to minimize out-of-pocket & up-front costs.  We strive to $-T-R-E-T-C-Hyour DOLLAR$...  short and long-term!

Not being critical or cynical, but you would be amazed at some of the deficiencies we run across... costing the occupants both money & comfort

These nice appearing items look fine, but upon testing, leak the equivalent of a window being open 

about 2" year -round!





Attic floors usually have many "holes" ... amazing, the air flow both ways, & energy loss!



Proper testing, assessment, and implementation are essential to optimize & maximize a WISE investment in remedies & improvements in the AirSeal, (walls, attic floor, & crawl/floor,) & DuctSeal (many aspects are at play here)...all these can be culprits for energy waste!  Couple these w/ lighting, HVAC, and inefficient waterheaters, consider paybacks, rebates & assistance, we can help steer YOU in the best decision for you & your situation. (With good information, good decisions are easier to make!)  With Building Solutions Pro, you get the experience and understanding, both of which are keys to guiding your investment of your hard-earned money for the short & long term...energy costs, comfort, air quality... spending money where it will make $en$e. 

O  V  E  R V   I   E  W

2. ENERGY OPTIMIZERS:  Audits, Assessments, & "Retros" 

LIGHTING is important. These B4 & after show difference in lite quality and literally costs 50% less to operate

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