With over 700 projects across 40 years of building design and construction experience, Dan Hinkson has a broad experience base, is committed to trustworthy principles of business, construction, and wonderful relationships with a lot of great people.  It's been a wonderful and rewarding career...serving people by helping produce and provide "BUILDING SOLUTIONS" to meet their needs and wants.  You'll see some very successful projects on this website!  We want to communicate this experience base validates and supports our credentials for being your resource to accomplish your, even much smaller projects, as well as larger ones.   It doesn't have to be big, to be good!  


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2. COMMERCIAL   (In process of being built)


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3. MEDICAL   (In process of being built)


​​"Dan Hinkson not only did an excellent job in building this house, but also provided many innovational ideas.  Irene and I are very pleased." --- E.L. Hopkins

    Dan was hired as the general contractor to work with owners to create their "Autumn Harvest," in this "design-build" estate.  Dan drew the actual construction drawings incorporating multiple changes from original core plans...changing probably 60% of original, to adapt desired & creative changes, including elevator, sunroom, maid's quarters, expanded & structural garage. (Structural engineer designed foundation and structural elements.)   A well in the pool house supplies 22-gal/min of 55-degree water to provide "cool" for the 7 computer controlled HVAC systems ...saves a lot of money.  Quality & creativity in BOTH the seen & the unseen! 

​    On the outside, 30,000 cu yds of dirt were moved to expand the 27 acre lake, creating an "island," w/ two connecting bridges (each capable of holding a loaded concrete truck!)  Ski boats and jet skis can encircle house, going under the bridges! Plus, an 1,800 sf fishing & party dock/deck over lake...lake was stocked w/ ideal combo of fish, w/ two automatic solar-powered fish feeders.  The pool features cycling the filtered & heated "pool inlet water" down a 121-ft "rocky mountain designer landscape stream" and flows over a 6ft x 3ft shaped/flat rock, cascading as a small "waterfall" into the pool, w/ a theater spotlight focusing down from 80' away (under an eave, 3-stories up) making it "sparkle like diamonds!"  Five wells provide irrigation water for the grounds.  Landscape architect designed estate to the standards of a newly built golf course.  Even has a beach!  Over 4,000 lf of cabling powers the "night lighting" on grounds, w/ some floodlights mounted up to 80' high on the cottonwood trees.  (Provider has Ronald Reagan, Michael Landon, & Wilt Chamberlin on his client list).  The list of features goes on and on. A real "crown jewel" and dream for a professional builder!

      *NOTE:  E.L.Hopkins & Irene were very, very gracious and humble people.

He was very creative, had never built a house before, wanted to experience it in the "autumn" of his life.  It was not for show, but the experience, and to enjoy the "fruits of his labor" for a season while he could.  Mission accomplished! --- Really!



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4.  AGRICULTURAL  (In process of being built)



This house won 3 of the 4 Parade of Homes awards (in it's price range), and we combined 5 different portions of seperate plans to create the arrangement & living areas wanted by the owners.  We are experienced in modifying plans to come up w/ your ideal plan.


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5.  CHURCH and RELIGIOUS  (In process of being built)