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Brian & Alice's Addition, Fyvl AR 

Expanded 1,250 sf, 3-bdrm/2-bath to a 1,700 sf 4-bdrm, w/ renovations & Energy improvements. Brian provided some of the labor to help on budget, and worked w/ Dan to use tradesman he knew & wanted.

Additions & New

   "We contacted Dan for an energy efficient 1800 square foot addition which we had already drawn up plans for but had many of the details up in the air. Dan worked with us to find the most practical, energy efficient, and cost effective way for a variety of items. He was attentive and maintained a sense of urgency throughout the entire project. We had several "snags" occur with contractors and with design plans but Dan was able to navigate them and resolve with little effort and still maintained the tight schedule we'd given him. I'd recommend Dan to anyone who needs work done as he's honest and willing to put in the hours to make sure a quality product is produced."                      ---Dustin Davis,   Elkins, AR



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Dustin & Ryan's Addition, Elkins AR

Expanded from 700sf w/ 1,800sf addition to a total of 2,500 sf.  They wanted the structure & shell built & tied-in, w/ the exterior totally completed.  This allowed them to finish off all the inside themselves. 



"We had been thinking for several years of our need for additional space...adding a bathroom, laundry, maybe kitchen?  We hired an architect who came up w/his idea of what we wanted.  It was an expensive design, and did not fit in w/ the neighborhood.  We ended up having Dan help in designing an ideal floor plan, w/ features, budget, and our living needs paramount...even worked in a "hybrid safe-room!"  We used the addition project as a logical time to make some other upgrades, including a very efficient HVAC system (SWEPCO's rebate program made it a "no-brainer,") & a new water heater, greatly improving the energy efficiency of the home, incorporating a hot tub & deck enhancement, with some fun design features!  We discovered some potentially serious structural hidden issues, and remedied those in a creative manner during the process, while things were undone.  We continued to live in the house during the process, but feel the inconveniences were a minimum, considering.  Dan is big on commnicating, shopping for values, planning ahead.  And he's a "nice guy."  I was able to save some money by doing a part of the work myself.  In retrospect, we're really glad we took the path we did, & have the remodeled & expanded home we have now, and we recommend him to others."

--- Brian  Fayetteville, AR

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