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Dan Hinkson is a "career building contractor" with over 40-yrs of building and contracting experience and 700 projects to his credit, primarily as a self-employed general contractor.  The majority of these were in the residential arena, particularly in the mid-to-upper price range.  Growing his roots in the Kansas City building market, he worked construction to totally pay his own way through the university, and he was blessed with some really outstanding "quality people," builders, and businessmen, to include his family!  He had a real passion for building "things," even as a little boy.  This, coupled with a certain degree of creativity and artistic "flare," emerged into a good, fulfilling, and he feels, honorable profession. He is also a skilled craftsman in several trades.  His deep appreciation for God's nature and creation (The Lord is an Awesome builder :-), coupled with the opportunities of America and free enterprise were a good match for his inner "wiring."

In Emporia, Kansas, he built for 18 yrs & served for 6 years on the "City Building Code Committee," along w/ architects, engineers, commercial builders, one year as chairman.  They modified the national building code (UBC) to adapt the codes for the special local conditions & needs.  He was also involved in the Home Builders Assoc.

In NWA, he has been involved in different arenas and was a selected "builder team member" in several "premier subdivisions."  He served on the Board of Directors of the NWA Home Builders Association for 7 years, 2 years as vice president, & 1 year as President, (it had about 650 members at the time.)  He had multiple "Parade of Homes" entries, w/ multiple awards.  Another NWA project was featured in an 8-page spread in the national publication Better Homes and Gardens...this was both enjoyable & fulfilling! 

Anyone involved in building and development over a period of time will experience the economic "ups and downs," and he is no exception.  From the 18% interest of the Jimmy Carter years to the '07-'08 housing debacle, these tests of life combined with the blessings of the good times to give a seasoned perspective & appreciation for life and people, and a good value system.   A Biblical perspective of time and life is of great value...in fact, priceless!  He & his building company have evolved into the "home repairs and maintenance," "home energy contractor," and building contractor mix.  There seems to be a need for a contractor who is knowledgeable, will do what he says, fairly priced, and personable.

Dan has been happily married for over 40 years to the love of his life, and they have 4 grown children.  Dan & Jackie have been reasonably engaged in their communities over the years, both in Kansas and Arkansas, and very engaged in their local churches.



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